We like the internet of course - but we like to keep our data confidential. This is one of the reason why Atlantis solution is a Windows based application and the data will remain in your local network.

And this is how it looks like...Atlantis_logo


The four main views: Company, Diary, Opportunity and Project.


The Company view

Here you will find all important company related data:


  • Address, phone and other communication information
  • Persons with all relevant data
  • Notes
  • Info about phone calls
  • Appointments / visits / visit reports
  • Quotations
  • E-Mail
  • Documents, Calculations

The Diary view

Here the user can see his appointments, tasks and open quotations.


In addition it is possible to see diary information from other colleagues. There is a day, week and month view and also a "Gant diagram" to have an overview about who is in the office, travelling or on vacation.

This diary looks similar than the Outlook diary. As an option it is possible to synchronize both Atlantis and Outlook diary.

Opportunity - quotation tracking

In this area it is possible to create, edit, search and control quotations (proposals).


They will be visible in the responsible sales man task list if the Due date is near. For each opportunity you can see:

  • Responsible persons with relevant details
  • Notes
  • Info about phone calls
  • Appointments / visits / visit reports
  • E-Mail
  • Documents, Calculations

Several colour schemas

There are several colour schemas available to let the user decide what is best for him


There are layouts like Office 2007 blue, Office 2010 black, Sparkle blue, black and white and others.

The example above shows the black and white layout - helpful for some users having visual impairment.

Offline mode - work outside of your office

You are travelling from time to time or there are some sales man working in local offices or in their home office?

Once activated the Offline mode takes care, that there is always a local copy of your data on your notebook. Just shut down your notebook or switch it into sleep mode. Simply continue your work in Atlantis where you stopped. If Atlantis detects your network (either over VPN or being back in the office) it will send all your changes to the server, connects you back to the server database and keeps your local data up-to-date.

View information in different windows at the same time

Some user likes to work with many open windows while other likes to see only one window at the same time. Well - Atlantis is supporting both ways - we let the user decide!


It is possible to have four windows open - each of them showing one of the main views. This offers the option to see more information at the same time. And all the windows will communicate with each other. For instance - a click on an appointment will activate the company that belongs to this appointment in the other window.