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Atlantis Solution can organize your office sustainable!

  • Of course, together with Microsoft Office (or, Open Office): automatic storage of emails and other documents - no time-consuming search any more.
  • Phone notes - immediately visible for all employees
  • An important step towards the paperless office.
  • Office organization on the fly.
  • Appointments, tasks, visit reports, current offers, letters, calculations, sent and received emails visible at a glance for the current customer.
  • Not free - but at a reasonable price
Organisation around the user

Answers to questions!

  • What price was quoted to the customer yesterday?
  • Where is the last offer? When was the last order?
  • Where is the most recent email from the customer?
  • When is the customer due to be visited next?
  • Which offers are still open?
  • Which appointments have the colleagues got tomorrow?
  • Which email was last sent to the customer?

Atlantis provides the answers to these questions exactly when you need them. Just open the customer’s card - and all data which answer the above questions are available to you. And it can serve everyone who is not particularly fit in dealing with computers. Atlantis offers a clear screen layout, and is not over-loaded with unnecessary features!

Ok – how is that possible?

Take the experience of many years consulting in the area of CRM / customer management, analyse the "weaknesses" of the existing solutions and build a software solution that eliminates many of these "vulnerabilities".

It is good that you have excellent programs like MS Office or similar, but saving and finding documents still has to be done by the user. Emails are sometimes stored in the recipients’ mail folder, which means that they are not available if the customer calls.

Atlantis is the control desk for your office environment, always with a focus on easing the user’s workload and providing the necessary information.

Good organisation = customer loyalty.

An interesting and very important side effect of good organization with Atlantis is customer satisfaction.

Based on the fact that nearly all the information is available for any respective colleague, it is possible for any employee to answer questions (e.g. on the phone), even if the responsible colleague is not there.

In the long term, a customer will notice whether the organization and communication of a company is customer-orientated or not.

The customer should be in the middle

Customer loyalty = a factor for success

And that brings us to the CRM part of Atlantis. CRM stands for customer relationship management (customer care). Of course, CRM is more than just a software product - but without good software no CRM solution works well.

With Atlantis, you have a solution that is integrated into your office environment and therefore “data collection” is done practically automatically.

And of course by using Atlantis you can also assign many different characteristics to companies and persons and then make selections - for example for marketing projects.

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Atlantis Solution is the perfect, yet cost-effective solution to easily and effectively organize your office together with Microsoft Office products.