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Since 1994 we are working in the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Business. The main product supported by us was SuperOffice CRM.

Since January 2010 3C Solutions was the generall distributor of the new Solution 'Atlantis CRM' from Brazil. This solution was made special for small and midsized companies - simply CRM for everybody.

During 2010 3C Solutions took over the full solution including all rights and is now the sole owner. In the meantime Atlantis was programmed totaly new to fit better to Germany and European market. And the Solution was renamed from Atlantis CRM to Atlantis Solution because CRM is only one part of Atlantis - it is more than this.

Our existing SuperOffice Customers will still get the best Support and Consulting regarding SuperOfffice and all Add on's for SuperOffice will still be maintained and adapted to new SuperOffice versions.

3C Solutions

To 3C Solutions ...

What means „CRM“?

Customer-Relationship-Management, short named „CRM“ means a consequent way of thinking and working that puts customers in the centre.

And what is it exactly?

CRM is a solution - not only a piece of software. On the other hand a good software is needed to make CRM working.

What is part of a CRM solution?

That's not easy to answer. There are several ways a CRM solution can work. And if you check information sources you will find "Analytical CRM", "Operative CRM", "Communicative CRM" and "Collaborative CRM" and more. Actually for most small and mid-sized companies the "Communicative CRM" is needed first.
In general it can be these components:

  • Companywide customer orientated thinking.
  • All necessary software to create and deliver your products and to create invoices.
  • A good CRM software that integrates in the daily work with existing office solutions and supports all employees to store information about all kind of communication with customers and that makes this information available at any time.

The acceptance of the CRM software is the key to success!

Based on the experience from many CRM projects it is for sure, that a solution will only work if the used CRM software is accepted by all employees. Because this is the only way to have all needed information available.

When is a CRM solution accepted?

Well - when working with an ERP system every user needs to fill in information about ordered products, customer address and more to finish his work. But to deal with customers is possible without filling in any information. Only if the employees feels, that the CRM software saves time and helps them to create and store relevant information in an easy way they will keep on using it. And a software is accepted if everybody is using it at any time in the defined way.

Why do you think that Atlantis will work?

Well - we have a very good designed and simply looking user interface and Atlantis integrates perfect in the existing MS Office world. So it saves time from the beginning and makes people feel good because they don't need to think where to store all the information and how to find them later if needed.

What happens if we need later a CRM solution with much more functionality?

That happens - but is not an issues at all because no data will be lost. Better: based on your experience with the first system (for instance Atlantis) you will better understand how to introduce the new one. And we can of course export all data in a way that makes it available for the new system to be imported. One of the main reason why some "bigger" CRM projects often fail is, that people tried to solve too many requests within one step. 

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