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You can simply call us: +49 2324 935598

If you are looking for a CRM-Solution or simply for a solution that helps you to organize your work - you reached to the right place!

If you like to get more information about Atlantis solution - please enter your details in the form and submit it. We believe for sure that Atlantis is a cost effective and professional solution for all companies who are looking for a stable and future oriented CRM solution.

Of course you can get a free trial version. These can be installed remotely in about half an hour together with you.

And the price? Well - probably you will like it: - you can start to use Atlantis with 31,54 EUR per user (= 26,50 + VAT ((2) )  per month (1). In the monthly price model purchasing of all new versions is included.

Atlantis Solution is also available as a purchased license - one-time purchase - no further costs.  In this case the oprice is 440,30 EUR per user (= 370,00 + VAT). On request we offer a maintenance contract which will make all new versions available with no additional cost. Alternatively we offer updates for new versions.

Finally Atlantis can be purchased a "Company License" including the source code. This is a special solution for companies having own programming power. (In this case we make a special contract and the customer is allowed to use it for his own business but not to deal with it in any way.)


(1) The minimum contract time for monthly payment is 6 Month (189,20 EUR = 159 + VAT in total).

(2) If VAT is charged depends on your company location and of course is regulated by law. For companies outside Germany normally no VAT is charged.