Support for MS Office 2016 added

2016-02-10 10:06

The world is turning - so we added support for MS Office 2016. Now we support all version since Office 2010. Actual we support all versions since Office 2000 but our OutLook Add in needs MS Office 2010 or higher.

CRM starts from top.... or from the bottom?

2015-01-20 09:49

Well - what is top and what is bottom. Some see the management to be responsible for CRM - other see more the sales responsible or customer care in charge of it.

Actually - both is nonsense.

CRM means, that everybody in the company is in charge for customer relation and customer loyalty. That means: all information regarding customers has to flow into a CRM system from all people being in touch with customers.

CRM can never be really successful if not everybody is feeling to be responsible for customers.

There is a story about former German manager Klaus Nixdorf:

He saw one morning that all parking spaces were fully occupied near the main entrance. However, this parking spaces were reserved for customers and not so many customers had been inside. So he made an announcement to all employees: "All employees still using the customer parking spaces in about one hour can then pick their papers in the personnel department."

It had been a pleasure to meet him!

Whenever I visit customers today and see the parking for the management closer to the entrance than the customer car park - I start wondering. 

However, I know but at least one company where this is completely okay - because the management of this company is every day working hard to get the title "Employee of the Month" - which may also park in front.

A vicious circle in the Office everyday life

2014-11-18 22:27


A vicious circle in the Office everyday life: many companies know that they need to improve in "Organization", "Communication" and Customer Relation Management" and they are planning to do something. But they have no time, or it is just before Christmas / Carnival / Eastern / May Holiday/ a Fair / vaccation or what else what is coming up soon and there is so much to do at the moment - so there is no time. I know some companies, where this is going on for several years.
A good CRM solution can simply solve this 'Don't have time' issue, among other things like improve communication and improve customer loyalty. You can also say: this is the old "The chicken or the egg" problem.
We can even think about how many orders are lost because of dissatisfied customers regarding organisation and communication. If customers are asked why they didn't place the order, they will tell something like: to expensive, wrong product, to long delivery time or internal reasons - but they will not tell you that it is simply you and your organization.
By the way: if you are not your own boss - maybe it is a good hint for your boss to start something new like taking a look to Atlantis Solution.  
And if you are your own boss: please think about customers are seing you: your person - your company - the service you are doing - your communication level - your availability - your process on claims. 
Or more simple: would you like to buy from your company if you are a customer? 
I am sure we can improve your business if you like to do it as well.


30 minutes that can change so much in your business!

2014-10-29 11:26

Every time when a new customer decides to use Atlantis, we are told some time later: "I didn't think, that your Atlantis would help me that much. I could not imagine that before"

Well - why is this happening that often? If you remember the time some years back - before Apple changed the world using mobile phones.

We had cell phones with small keyboards such as Nokia, Samsung and Motorola. 

When the first IPhones was introduced, I also was thinking: "Well, very nice - but I don't really need it."

I changed my mind when I got my first IPhone 4 and learned what it can do for me. 

Today, I don't know how I should do my job without a Smartphone.

To easily to let you know about something new, we offer a free test installation to interested parties.

It is a quick step and we use Teamviewer to do that. (

Just request it from here and let me know a phone number where I can call you or send us an e-mail.

30 minutes that can change so much in your business!

Creating new companies - Copy- Paste - Ready

2014-09-22 13:49

How often do you create a new company? This was already easy to do in Atlantis - with a build in duplicate control. But it’s even easier if you can copy the data from the imprint of a WEB page or from an e-mail signature. Our integrated 'Clipboard' link reads the clipboard, analyses the text and inserts it in the needed fields. The program will identify what data is holding information about company name, address, city, postcode, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. The missing fields, such as First Name, Last Name, etc. can then be filled with Drag & Drop. That's all what you need to do. It is built in in Atlantis as standard function.

Mail merge modul update available

2014-05-23 08:25

Now we have an updated modul for creating mail merge letters and mail merge emails as well. The user can simply control the process and define the sort order before sending. It is also possible to controll the number of documents / emails created at time - for instance always 200 and than making a short break.

The module is free of charge available for all customers with a maintenance agreement and for all customers with a rental license. 

Outlook Add In available soon - it was never that easy to archive emails for all your colleagues!

2014-01-27 21:38

Soon our new Outlook Add in will be ready! With this it will be just a click to make emails available for all your colleagues. You decide if you use the 'just one click' option for archiving or always having a dialog for full control. And even a few hundreds can be archived - with full controll whats going on. Send emails can be archived as well. And if some colleagues will need the information about the archived emails: they will be in the customer file, in the project file and of course in the opportunity file.

The Add in is free of charge for all our customers.

On leave info available - who is in and who is out

2014-01-05 16:37

This option displays in each user diary, who is out of the office and who is not . There is a setting which types of activities are displayed as 'Absent' - such as Holiday, seminar, recovery. With this option everybody is informed what colleagues are not available at the moment. For our Atlantis customers with a maintenance agreement it is available free of charge.

Diary Add on: 'Redletterdays' available - free of charge

2013-12-18 14:20

With our new module "Redletterdays" holidays and other special days can be added to the diary. They can be marked in Red in the Month Calender. Windows 7 or newer required. This module is available for all our customers free of charge. By the way - we have such a module for SuperOffice CRM as well and is for our SuperOffice customers free of charge as well.

3C Newsletter Solution available for Atlantis: e-Marketing

2013-10-13 10:27

E-Mail Marketing - successful ecommerce

You like to send a personalized e-mail to selected persons. Maybe showing the recepient first name and last name even in the subject line. 

It will take just a few clicks! And as an option you can control who was reading the e-mail - well - that's called e-marketing. It works with templates. Once a template is created just enter some text into it and it's ready to send.

Outlook Calendar Synchronisation available

2013-08-29 10:42

Outlook is probably your company wide calender solution. Or you regulary synchronize Outlook and your smartphone!

Well - here is the simple and fast solution to synchronize Atlantis diary and Outlook calender regulary.

Migration from SuperOffice CRM optimized

2013-05-17 11:55

The migration modul "SuperOffice to Atlantis" was optimized. The origin database stays unchanged. It is very fast now. We also created a modul "Export from Atlantis to SuperOffice". 

Offline Mode new version available

2013-02-18 11:59

We redesigned the offline mode. It is now very fast and works in the background. Once activated there will always be a local copy of the database and important documents. Just leave the office without closing the Atlantis application - it will detect that the central network is not available and simply use the local offline database.