A vicious circle in the Office everyday life

2014-11-18 22:27


A vicious circle in the Office everyday life: many companies know that they need to improve in "Organization", "Communication" and Customer Relation Management" and they are planning to do something. But they have no time, or it is just before Christmas / Carnival / Eastern / May Holiday/ a Fair / vaccation or what else what is coming up soon and there is so much to do at the moment - so there is no time. I know some companies, where this is going on for several years.
A good CRM solution can simply solve this 'Don't have time' issue, among other things like improve communication and improve customer loyalty. You can also say: this is the old "The chicken or the egg" problem.
We can even think about how many orders are lost because of dissatisfied customers regarding organisation and communication. If customers are asked why they didn't place the order, they will tell something like: to expensive, wrong product, to long delivery time or internal reasons - but they will not tell you that it is simply you and your organization.
By the way: if you are not your own boss - maybe it is a good hint for your boss to start something new like taking a look to Atlantis Solution.  
And if you are your own boss: please think about customers are seing you: your person - your company - the service you are doing - your communication level - your availability - your process on claims. 
Or more simple: would you like to buy from your company if you are a customer? 
I am sure we can improve your business if you like to do it as well.


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