CRM starts from top.... or from the bottom?

2015-01-20 09:49

Well - what is top and what is bottom. Some see the management to be responsible for CRM - other see more the sales responsible or customer care in charge of it.

Actually - both is nonsense.

CRM means, that everybody in the company is in charge for customer relation and customer loyalty. That means: all information regarding customers has to flow into a CRM system from all people being in touch with customers.

CRM can never be really successful if not everybody is feeling to be responsible for customers.

There is a story about former German manager Klaus Nixdorf:

He saw one morning that all parking spaces were fully occupied near the main entrance. However, this parking spaces were reserved for customers and not so many customers had been inside. So he made an announcement to all employees: "All employees still using the customer parking spaces in about one hour can then pick their papers in the personnel department."

It had been a pleasure to meet him!

Whenever I visit customers today and see the parking for the management closer to the entrance than the customer car park - I start wondering. 

However, I know but at least one company where this is completely okay - because the management of this company is every day working hard to get the title "Employee of the Month" - which may also park in front.

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